Data Use Policy

Data Use Policy for

The Soil Inventory Project, Inc.

Last Updated: August 8, 2022

This Data Use Policy (" Data Policy") establishes the terms by which your Soil Data is stored, used, and shared with The Soil Inventory Project, Inc. (" TSIP") and others when using the TSIP iOS and Android apps, and associated website, and services (collectively " Services"). " You" means the Authorized User (as defined in TSIP's Terms of Service Agreement) that creates a user account for use of the Services. All undefined terms have the meaning in the Terms of Service Agreement.

  1. The Soil Data TSIP Collects. TSIP collects agronomic and land data taken from specific geospatial locations (" Soil Data"). Soil Data may include, but is not limited to, the following attributes: soil sample location and date, carbon content, topographic elevation, soil type, tillage practices, conservation activities, and other soil profile information. Soil Data may be obtained from TSIP Field Kits, the third-party laboratory conducting soil analysis, Authorized User provided information, and third-party providers where available (such as NRCS soil maps).

  2. Ownership of Soil Data. TSIP assumes that you are the owner of the Soil Data that you submit to TSIP. TSIP only intends to collect Soil Data from persons or entities that have consented to participate in the TSIP Project, or Landowners who have given another person or company authorization to collect Soil Data from the Landowners' land. You shall not provide Soil Data to TSIP unless you are the Landowner or have the landowner's permission to do so. You shall indemnify TSIP from any claims that someone else owns the Soil Data obtained with your account.

  3. Soil Data Sharing with TSIP.

    1. License Granted for Internal Use. You grant TSIP a limited license to: (1) clean your Soil Data by removing perceived errors and omissions; (2) store your Soil Data on servers owned or leased by TSIP; (3) maintain your Soil Data in the TSIP Database; (4) share your Soil Data with others as authorized by you; (5) use your Soil Data to provide the Services to you and others; and (6) use your Soil Data for research and development purposes.

    2. Aggregated Data. TSIP may anonymize and aggregate your Soil Data with data from other users to create aggregated datasets (" Aggregated Data"). Aggregated Data does not contain your personal information (as defined in TSIP's Privacy Policy), but may contain the location of any soil sample. Aggregated Data that is made accessible to other users of the Services is provided in datasets that are intended to prevent identification of you. Aggregated Data sharing is the default setting for TSIP's Services, and there is no option to "opt out" of Aggregated Data sharing at this time. Aggregated Data can be used by TSIP for any lawful purpose. TSIP does not intend to sell Aggregated Data to third parties, however, TSIP may provide Aggregated Data to universities and other organizations for research and development and may charge a fee for such projects.

    3. Use of Third Parties to Process Data. To the extent TSIP engages third parties to perform data processing on your Soil Data, these companies must abide by this Data Policy at all times.

  4. Data Sharing with Others. TSIP's Services may include publication of research and case studies derived from the Database. Such information shall consist of Aggregated Data and will not include personally identifiable information. TSIP's Database does not allow Authorized Users to export Soil Data from the Database to third-party integrations.

  5. Landowners. TSIP has no obligation to provide Soil Data to Landowners who do not have a TSIP account. Landowners who consented to allow an Authorized User to submit Soil Data on their behalf, may request copies of their Soil Data from the Authorized User who provided such data to TSIP.

  6. Portability. TSIP shall provide a copy of your Soil Data to you by email, download, or other digital format after such information is collected. After your initial download of your Soil Data, TSIP may provide further downloads at TSIP's discretion.

  7. Modifications. TSIP may revise this Data Policy from time to time. TSIP will notify you by email or when you log into your account of any revisions. The notice will be accompanied by a summary of the changes to this Data Policy. By continuing to use the Services after revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by any updated version of this Data Policy.

  8. Security/Notice. TSIP takes reasonable and customary security measures to protect the privacy and security of your Soil Data. In the event of a data breach, natural disaster, or other unforeseen event that causes your Soil Data compromised, TSIP will not notify you unless your personal information (as defined in TSIP's Privacy Policy) is also compromised. notify you when you log in, by email, or other method required by law.

  9. Deletion. You may request deletion of your Soil Data by writing to Deletion of Soil Data will not cause any Aggregated Data to be deleted.

  10. Storage and Retention. TSIP shall store your Soil Data as long as there is a continuing use for such information.

  11. Sale of TSIP. In the event TSIP is sold or acquired by another company, the Aggregated Data owned by TSIP shall be transferred to the new owner. This Data Policy will continue to apply to your Soil Data until the new owner provides you notice of a new data use policy.

  12. Limits on TSIP's Liability. TSIP is not liable for any damages that result from the disclosure of your Soil Data to any person or company provided such disclosures are made according to this Data Policy. TSIP is not responsible for a loss or unauthorized disclosure of your Soil Data due to (i) an Act of God, (ii) other catastrophic event, (iii) a data breach, unless caused by TSIP's gross negligence, or (iv) someone other than you using your account.

  13. Inquiries. Questions about this Data Policy should be directed to